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A Noise Downstairs

I woke in the night with a startle. I heard rustling from the floor below. In the low light I looked for a weapon. I picked up a fork from a takeaway the night before. Read more »


My recently pregnant girlfriend sat on the couch, drunk, enjoying her last bender before parenthood. Read more »


The alarm clock read 8.05am, shit, I must have snoozed it again.
I hastily put on my clothes from the day before and ran out of the house, anxious to get to work. Read more »

Mr Wednesday

When I walked into the living room and saw my daughter sitting cross-legged playing, I allowed myself a smile; this was not something I’d seen before. She picked up one of the little figurines and placed it in front of her playmate. Read more »


When a body decomposes, the skin becomes slack as the muscles and fat below dissolves. Read more »

A Note in Class

When my grandmother died, it was peaceful. She went in her sleep, in the bedroom next to mine. It freaked me out at first to think I had been sleeping so close to a dead body. Read more »

1000 Screams

The screams were deafening, I held my hands over my ears to muffle them. Men, woman and children all shrieking, the sounds so desperate and chilling. Read more »

The Art of Advertising

How do you advertise a new product? Producuce an advertisement that makes no sense, show some skin and then finish off with the product name. It really doesn’t matter what the product is, or the content of the ad; bamboozle the viewer with imagery, then finish with the name. It’s pretty much the defacto standard. Read more »

Would You Like to Take Our Photo?

I splashed water on my face and looked into the mirror. My gaze immediately met by the woman standing next to me. I forced a smile, like I always did; she stared through me. Her dark hair as wet as the day we met at the Grand Canyon.

We left for Central Park as we had done for the last two weeks since returning from Arizona. Read more »

I’ve Come to Take You Home

I sat in the interrogation room, looking at my shaking hands in front of me; I’d been waiting what seemed like hours for the detective to return.

Beads of sweat dripped from my brow like a leaky tap as I sat in shock; I’d finally done it, I’d finally confessed. Read more »

The Reid Technique

As an investigator, I am tasked with getting a confession. To do this, we use the Reid Technique.

It is the standard method you see in the movies and TV programmes, good cop/bad cop exchanges, pushing the interviewee to agree and admit to the crime, as we can *help* them if they do; if they don’t, they will be thrown to the wolves. Read more »


The first thing I remember when I woke was the searing pain in my jaw. Next was my unfamiliar environment. Slumped up against a wall, I took my time to scan the surroundings. Read more »

The “Problem”

The basement seemed like the best place to keep the “problem”. It was cool and damp, just perfect. But also, under the house, it was relatively soundproof. Read more »

Real Estate

I work as an estate agent in a very small town in southern England. I’ve probably sold every house here at least once. Read more »

Walking Corpse Syndrome/Cotard Delusion

I was in a horrific car accident six months ago where my wife, son and I died. I can remember the sound of metal as it squeaked, squealed and creaked around us, the man on the radio seemed to slow as the drunk driver in the SUV hit us full on; then everything went black. Read more »


I thought it was odd when my front door was unlocked.

I shouted into the empty house, “Hello? Is anybody there?” Read more »

I Can Hear The Dead

I’m only the janitor. I just clean the floors and slabs with disinfectant to make sure it’s spick and span for the morticians to preform their dissections in the morning. Read more »

Darkly Dreaming

The woman opens her eyes in a daze. She slowly takes in the dimly lit environment. At first she does not panic, but she does when she realises her hands and body are constricted, held to the cold surface she lies on by multiple layers of plastic wrap. Read more »

A Simple Trade

I noticed the door out of the corner of my eye, I wish in my heart of hearts I never did. It was small, that’s what I found odd. A lazy sign described what was to be found within. Read more »


I’ve been blind since birth. I know it’s a cliche when they say blind people can see things the seeing cannot, but it’s true. When you are unfettered with the blessing of sight the other senses are heightened. I can *see* our house in my mind using touch, sound and smell. Read more »


I woke up, my head pounding, looking up at the early morning sky. Getting my bearings, I sat up.

I was in my front garden. I shivered holding my drenched nightgown closed. Read more »