A Noise Downstairs

I woke in the night with a startle. I heard rustling from the floor below. In the low light I looked for a weapon. I picked up a fork from a takeaway the night before.

Slowly, I descended the stairs, stopping as I heard noises emanate under my feet.

I checked the the front door; it was locked.

Quietly, I crept to the back of the house. Trying the handle, the sliding door slid open. I gasped as the cold night air rushed into the house.

I heard a commotion erupt on the floor above me, my bedroom. My heart thumped heavily as I realised what it meant. I ran into the yard and felt for my phone; it was missing.

The bedroom light turned on and I saw the silhouette as it approached the window. The shadow’s wet knife glittered red in the moonlight. He shook his head as he held up my phone and pulled the curtains shut.

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