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Never Leave the House

You expect to be frightened if someone raises their fist to you, and you are, the first time. You worry about the pain, the loss of teeth – maybe their knuckle will connect with your eye and it will pop as the punch lands. After the tenth time, the pain no longer concerns you; it’s a punctuation mark in the narrative of your day. Read more »

My Dad was a Mortician

When I was six, I remember my teacher telling me that thunder was clouds bumping together, he was proud when he told me that. I took it at face value. It’s amazing what you believe at such a young age. When I was helping my father work and lightening struck, filling the room with bright light, illuminating the bodies that lay peacefully on the benches, I told him. He could see I was scared. I hated helping him, I dreaded it. Read more »

Five Hundred Teeth

I saw an article today about some poor Indian child getting over 500 teeth removed from their mouth. It’s lucky they were able to have the surgery; some aren’t that lucky. Have you wondered why it is you don’t hear more about that happening more, babies born with distressing deformities? It happens more often than you’d expect. In my country it’s rarely on the news, and if it is, it’s usually when conjoined twins are successfully parted, never if it’s unsuccessful. Then again, you don’t hear about every heart surgery that goes wrong, or brain tumor that couldn’t be excised. The truth though, is far more horrifying. Read more »

Life Volunteer

I loved Sebastian Krause, in a platonic way. He was my mentor and a very good friend. I knew there was something wrong when the weekly phone calls stopped. It left me with a feeling of unease I didn’t know the source of. It was only when one of his life support volunteers phoned me, that it hit me. He never liked to use the words patient or client, they set the wrong tone and didn’t line up with the philosophies he would teach. Lily Passion (no not her real name, but in the same vein), said Sebastian told her to phone me if the inevitable happens. Within a few hours his other life support volunteers had called. Read more »

Marybelle’s Confession

Our town is like a bad dream. Awful things happen, more often than you’d believe. In the last ten years alone there have been ten murders. The folk round here are not the welcoming kind you anticipate from tales of small-town America; everyone is suspicious of their neighbor. I guess in this post 9/11 world that can be somewhat expected, but here? Where the crops still grow and there’s not a Starbucks in sight? We don’t even have a traffic light, only a four way stop in the middle of Main Street. It’s just the way of the world I suppose. Read more »

Tom’s Confession

I’d finished with my regular patients before I sat down with Tom. I wanted to make sure I had all the time I needed with him, he was a special case. Read more »

Digging for Gold in Corpses

If you cremate a body with its gold fillings in place, the gold evaporates and disappears. So firms hire a professional dentist to remove the teeth and either return the gold to the family, or donate them to charity. Read more »


I’ve heard of secret organisations. Never did I think I would join one. But I did. I didn’t seek it out. They found me and they wouldn’t take no for an answer. Read more »

I Wasn’t Invited

When my friends got a Facebook invite from Darren White, I was pissed, I didn’t get one.

I remembered him from school. He was the guy everyone bullied. They called him Wiggy, because he was already going bald by age eleven.

“Did you know Wiggy invited me to his stag do?” Stuart said to me while we drove to work.

“Really?” I said, “he didn’t invite me. Are you going?”

“Yeah, I think so, I owe him an apology for how I treated him in school.” Read more »

They Say Time Heals All Wounds

“Do you forgive me?” I asked. She looked up and searched my eyes, before saying nothing and hanging her head. So much time had passed since I did those terrible things. They say time heals wounds, but just how much time is needed? I wondered what I could do that would change her heart; so… Read more »

I Swear There was Someone Living in my Loft

I heard footsteps at night coming from the ceiling. But when I pulled down the ladder and checked, there was no-one there. From the hole in the floor I shone my torch, the beam lit up the corners of the dusty attic to reveal nothing but dust motes and old furniture. Read more »

Addiction: A Confession

I sat in my car, and I watched. I had succumbed to the urge. I had listened to that voice in my head for hours, days, years, and again, I found myself stalking. I admit it, I felt excited. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care; within the hour I’d be sated and the voice would retreat again, allow me to feel normal. Read more »

Don’t Talk to Strangers

I heard the front door slam shut and ran down the stairs. I saw Shawn smiling up at me, my heart skipped a beat.

“What just happened?” I asked annoyed. Read more »

Be Careful Son

As we arrived at the top of the mountain, I put my arm around my son.

“Such a gorgeous sunset, isn’t it son?” Read more »

See You Soon

As I turned the corner and headed for the house, I was positive I was being followed. I had not glimpsed my stalker, but the sounds and just the sense of unease was palpable. The dog kept turning, the smell of our unseen tracker filling the air. Read more »


My recently pregnant girlfriend sat on the couch, drunk, enjoying her last bender before parenthood. Read more »


When a body decomposes, the skin becomes slack as the muscles and fat below dissolves. Read more »

The Art of Advertising

How do you advertise a new product? Producuce an advertisement that makes no sense, show some skin and then finish off with the product name. It really doesn’t matter what the product is, or the content of the ad; bamboozle the viewer with imagery, then finish with the name. It’s pretty much the defacto standard. Read more »

The Reid Technique

As an investigator, I am tasked with getting a confession. To do this, we use the Reid Technique.

It is the standard method you see in the movies and TV programmes, good cop/bad cop exchanges, pushing the interviewee to agree and admit to the crime, as we can *help* them if they do; if they don’t, they will be thrown to the wolves. Read more »

Real Estate

I work as an estate agent in a very small town in southern England. I’ve probably sold every house here at least once. Read more »

I Can Hear The Dead

I’m only the janitor. I just clean the floors and slabs with disinfectant to make sure it’s spick and span for the morticians to preform their dissections in the morning. Read more »

Darkly Dreaming

The woman opens her eyes in a daze. She slowly takes in the dimly lit environment. At first she does not panic, but she does when she realises her hands and body are constricted, held to the cold surface she lies on by multiple layers of plastic wrap. Read more »


My latest girlfriend wants me to asphyxiate her, a fetish I don’t find appealing. Now, don’t take latest to mean that I’m some sort of man-whore, I’m not. I’m just having trouble finding the right woman. Read more »