The Reid Technique

As an investigator, I am tasked with getting a confession. To do this, we use the Reid Technique.

It is the standard method you see in the movies and TV programmes, good cop/bad cop exchanges, pushing the interviewee to agree and admit to the crime, as we can *help* them if they do; if they don’t, they will be thrown to the wolves.

The technique works as follows:

1 – Direct confrontation; tell the suspect we have evidence they committed the crime. Only those of weak mental fortitude confess now.

2 – Tell the suspect it was not their fault, *I’d* have done the same.

3 – Discourage the suspect from denying their guilt, tell them you know why they’ve done it.

4 – The suspect will try to convince you why they did not commit the crime.

5 – Be sincere with the suspect, try to win them over.

6 – If the suspect becomes quiet, wait for them to talk. If they become emotional, assume guilt.

7 – Give them options, one where they are seen to be acting socially acceptably, the other they are a monster.

8 – Make the suspect repeat their admission of guilt in front of other officers.

9 – Allow the suspect to document their confession either by hand or recorded.

As an investigator, I have targets. Hitting these targets means bonuses; my family can live comfortably.

You have no idea how exciting it is to get a confession from a scumbag criminal.

You have no idea how much more exhilarating it is if you know they’re innocent.

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