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Close Your Eyes

I saw him on the first day of my summer job, it was hard not to. He was in his late forties, overweight and wore suspenders over a plaid shirt. He mopped his brow with a handkerchief frequently and didn’t talk. Read more »

Alone in the Forest

We were the last people left in the campsite. The more I thought about that, the more petrified I was to hear just the faintest noise from outside. My sleep was broken and when I did awake, I swore it was because I heard something. Read more »

Our Little Ritual

It was a ritual of sorts. We’d arrive home after a dog walk, and Scruffy would scratch at Mrs Hampton’s door. I’d open it and let him in. I’d return to my apartment, down the hall, after thirty minutes or so, I’d hear those scratches on mine, and I’d let him in. However, over the last week, I fell out with Edith. Read more »


I’d been digging at it for twenty minutes, but the little bastard wouldn’t come free. I plunged the tweezers into my palm even further in an attempt to remove the splinter that was bothering me so. I saw it grasped in the tips of the tool, but as much as I pulled the damn thing wouldn’t budge. I took a tissue and wiped away the blood before trying again. Read more »

Keep the Shoebox

When I found out my new girlfriend was pregnant, I was so happy; I moved in soon after. It was so fast, not something we had planned. On the twenty-week mark we went to the hospital for the scan. Read more »

Air Freshener

I work maintenance in a large high-rise office block. You have no idea the type of things I have been forced to clean. I’ve seen toilets that have been covered in shit that you’d need to be a gymnast to create. In another walk of life they may have entered it for consideration of a turner prize.

Read more »

Hitchin’ a Ride to Nowhere

I was nervous when a car finally stopped. I opened the back door and sat down.

“Oi mate, I’m not your chauffeur, get in the front seat,” the man said.

Reluctantly, I got out and repositioned myself in the passenger seat. It didn’t ruin my plans, but made it much more difficult. The man pulled away, one hand on the steering wheel and one in his lap, which he left as if his arm was lame. Read more »


I look at the photo, it’s something very innocuous, it’s of a bed, the sheets are pulled taught over the mattress, the room is clean and tidy, a picture of a perfect bedroom. The thing that concerns is my wife sits on the edge of the bed, her head in her hands, she’s crying. Read more »

Psst… Can I Tell You Something?

Thanks for clicking, I really appreciate it.

It’s funny, really. We lock our cars and houses. The sensible among us use anti-virus software on our computers. We wouldn’t dream of allowing a stranger into our homes, unless they are from the electricity company or something similar. Read more »

Darren Got Lost

The cave grew dark almost as quickly as the temperature dropped. Darren turned on the flashlight and lit up the jagged sandstone walls that stretched out of sight of the torch. He’d been here before, but this was the first time on his own. In caves, you have a tendency to lose where you are. Anxious isn’t the right word, but when you turn around and it is just as dark and unfamiliar as where you came from, you wish you weren’t so scared. Read more »


They chose the dungeon of all places to set up the Ouija board. It sat on a large stone table that had once housed a rack, used for stretching prisoners to get them to confess. Sometimes, just to torture them.

The room was lit with candles, all prepared by the medium to make the place look imposing. Read more »

My Summer Job at the Cemetery

I mowed the grass the caretaker told me to, removed the dead flowers that were scattered on many sites, and picked up the trash and other detritus left by mourners.

He was satisfied with the work I’d done in the morning and we walked together between the tomb stones.

“Do you have any scary stories?” I asked. Read more »