The Last Will and Testament of Sarah Carl

When the post arrived I was intrigued that I received a personal letter. I put the parcel down on the table.

I ripped open the envelope and took out the paper.

The text read, The last will and testament of Sarah Carl

My heart fastened. Sarah had been infatuated with me for years, it wasn’t until the restraining order had been granted that she left me alone. She was crazy. She pretended to be my girlfriend, phoned my parents and talked to them about the children she was planning for us. It wasn’t until I explained to them that she was insane, that I only knew her because she worked in the same office I did, then moved 100 miles away to escape her, that they believed me. Seeing her name again sent shivers down my spine.

My dearest Andrew, my love, I am sorry I never got to speak to you in person before the veil took me away. To you, I leave my heart, so that we can always be together.

Her words repulsed me. To see them again after five years brought back all those feelings I had managed to hide away and forget about.

I stared at the package, before taking a deep breath.

The brown paper that covered the item broke easily in my hands to revealed a wooden box, the corners coloured red.

I lifted the lid to see a wrapped item bulging beneath.

I took it out and put it on the table. I opened it up and winced as my hand touched the cold squishy artifact, red liquid dripped through my clawed fingers. I gasped and dropped it on the table. It was a human heart.

I backed up to the wall behind me in shock.

I jumped as it began to beat. In a rhythmic nature, second after second the organ pulsed, spewing out droplets of blood.

The doorbell rang. Startled, I made my way to the front of the house. Through the mosaic glass I saw someone wait, the outline of a woman. I tried to retract my hand as I reached for the door, but I couldn’t. Against my will I turned the handle, the cold outside air rushed in. I gasped again as I saw the the figure that loomed down over me.

“Hello Andrew,” she said greeting me.

Without a moments thought, I opened my arms and welcomed her in.

“Hello Sarah, my love!”

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