Psst… Can I Tell You Something?

Thanks for clicking, I really appreciate it.

It’s funny, really. We lock our cars and houses. The sensible among us use anti-virus software on our computers. We wouldn’t dream of allowing a stranger into our homes, unless they are from the electricity company or something similar.

However, you’ve let me straight into your mind, the most precious and intimate place you can invite someone. I can do pretty much whatever I want in here. I can make you think of a pink elephant. See? Couldn’t resist could you. What about a pink elephant trampling on villagers in retaliation for poaching its daughter? You probably feel bad for it. What if I told you the elephant was discriminate and only stamped on the children, didn’t kill them, just maimed them enough so their parents could hear their shrill cries for help, but knowing their kids were never going to survive. That’s pretty fucked up! Now, imagine the pink elephant decides to spare the parents, so they could suffer like she did. The adults are now wishing the elephant took them instead. But her anger is gone, she is just sad now; sad her daughter is gone, and sad that her own rage could turn her into such a monster. A tear rolls down her leathery pink skin and she disappears into the jungle.

The adults cry, cradling their dying offspring; wishing the elders didn’t kill the baby pink elephant. They didn’t even eat it, they hacked off the ivory tusks from the dying animal and just left it there to perish. And for what? To be ground down into a luck potion – how ironic.

Now you’re thinking, that was horrific, why did I read that? Well, you let me in. I’ll be going now. Maybe next time I’ll stay longer, maybe next time I won’t leave…

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