“Have fun!”

We arrived in the ambulance and got out as quickly as we could.

“We need a neck brace and a stretcher,” said Rick.

“I’m on it,” Stuart replied.

I looked at the mangled body on the road, seeing it gasp for breath, knowing it was probably too late. But for that one time in a hundred, I crouched down next to them.

“Don’t worry, we’re here now. Where do you hurt?” I soothed.

The body just breathed; they appeared paralysed.

The other paramedics returned with the stretcher and placed it next to the man, the victim of a hit and run.

Rick placed the neck-brace behind him and closed it shut.

“Help me lift him on, be careful, I think he may have broken his back or neck.”

Stuart took one end and I the other. Over the loud speaker I heard the announcement.

“It’s time for your mandatory pleasure period; have fun for the next 15 minutes.”

We dropped the body in unison and began laughing and joking.

“Hey, guys, he’s dying, please help me?” Rick pleaded.

We feigned a smile.

“What did you do last night, Stuart?” I asked.

“I had so much fun with the family,” he responded smiling.

“Good, I had a lot of fun with my family too.”

“Shit, I think we are losing him,” Rick said panicked.

“Stop it!” I demanded, “Have fun!

“Hahaha, I love it here. Do you know, I’m going to ride a horse after work?” I said laughing.

“Oh that does sound like fun, I’m going to,” Stuart began before the sound of machine gun fire broke through our conversation.

The bullets landed in Rick in quick succession. His body lurched forward onto the man in the road.

“I think his dead body is suffocating the man,” Stuart said cheerfully.

“Haha, I think you are right. I love our job.”

“Me too!” Stuart replied, trying his hardest to hold back the tears.

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