Just Hold It

When I told my friends I had guns in my house, a couple of them were excited, the others not so much. The gang followed me home nervously.

“Where are your parents?” Simon asked.

“They’re out of town. Staying with my grandparents.”

I entered the house and they followed me in.

“Holy shit bro, this place is a fucking palace!” Tyler announced like a giddy child.

“Yeah, it’s nice. That’s what a job in law can get you.”


“That’s what my Dad always tells me. Concentrate in school, and go to University and one day I can have something like this.”

“Fuck man! This is crazy, and you make me buy you beer?”

“My dad doesn’t give me any money, says I need to earn it myself.”

The guys entered the house and gazed at the interior of the house as if it was made by God himself.

“Follow me,” I told them.

I walked through the hallway and into my parent’s bedroom.

“Are you sure you should be doing this?”

I ignored the question and delicately turned the dial of the safe.

“Yeah, you got to see this shit!”

With a click, the safe opened.

My friends gasped, seeing he arsenal of weapons that were revealed as the safe opened.

“Don’t worry, they aren’t loaded.”

I slipped on the silk gloves that hung on the inside of the door and passed threw the Glock to Simon.

“Check that out, a Glock 17, same as issued to the police, just hold it,” I said he delicately caught it.

“Fuck man, is this loaded?” he said touching it like a hot potatoe.

“Of course it fucking isn’t.”

He passed it back and I released the magazine.

“Oh shit, it was,” I said sliding it out and pushing it back in.

“The others aren’t, I promise. Hey Tyler.”

I threw over a Colt 45 revolver, “Check this out.”

He took it in his hand and with delight pointed it at Simon.

“What the fuck man?”

I laughed and threw an AK-47 over to Jay.

He took it in his hands and smiled, nodding his head.

“You’re fuckng crazy,” Simon said scared.

From above we heard footsteps.

“Shit, I didn’t think they’d be back so soon.”

“Is that your parents?” Simon asked.

“I think so,” I responded.

Jay and Tyler handed back the weapons and ran out of the bedroom and out the front door.

Calmly I replaced them in the safe, closing the door and spinning the lock. A couple of minutes later my Dad entered the bedroom.

“So,” he said.

“I got three separate sets of prints, Dad,” I said elated.

“You did good son,” he said as I handed back the silk gloves and he tussled my hair, “you did good.”

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