They Say Time Heals All Wounds

“Do you forgive me?” I asked.

She looked up and searched my eyes, before saying nothing and hanging her head.

So much time had passed since I did those terrible things. They say time heals wounds, but just how much time is needed?

I wondered what I could do that would change her heart; so she could find it in herself to forgive me. I’ve been cooking for her. I’ve bought her new clothes and presents. What else do I need to do?

I’m not a bad person, I’ve made mistakes, but show me a man that hasn’t! *Why does she torture me so?*

I stared at her; the dim light from the hallway piercing the gloom, picking out her delicate features.

Gripping the iron handle, I sighed. The shutter closed with a clunk.

I think it’s back to gruel and darkness for the foreseeable future. Maybe then she’ll appreciate how I treat her. Maybe then she will forgive me.

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