My latest girlfriend wants me to asphyxiate her, a fetish I don’t find appealing. Now, don’t take latest to mean that I’m some sort of man-whore, I’m not. I’m just having trouble finding the right woman.

When we have sex, she pulls my hands over her throat and gently says, “Strangle me.”

Up until today, I have refused. I just think, what if it goes wrong… How do I explain it. Would I go to jail?

But tonight I relent.

Quietly she coos, “Strangle me.”

I put my hands around her throat and apply pressure.

She moans and gyrates, panting as she climaxes.

She smiles and I hold my grip. Her lips quiver, her eyes dart.

Then nothingness.

I release my grip and bring a hand to my face in horror, looking at the lifeless body that gazes unknowingly up at me.

I breathe heavily as I contemplate MY new fetish.

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