The Art of Advertising

How do you advertise a new product? Produce an advertisement that makes no sense, show some skin and then finish off with the product name. It really doesn’t matter what the product is, or the content of the ad; bamboozle the viewer with imagery, then finish with the name. It’s pretty much the defacto standard.

However, how do you advertise you want something from others? Gold is easy, *cash for gold*, give us your gold and we give you cash. But what if what you want from someone is more precious to them, more precious than gold; something they are not likely to give over for cold hard cash.

This is where my job comes in.

You make them feel like they’ve won something, it doesn’t really matter what, just something they cannot turn down. A holiday, a car, and shit that will get them interested.

How do you approach these people without accidentally casting your net too far? Be smart. It could be as simple as a poster, the size of a business card, tacked to a wall, high up. What does it read?

You have outstanding eyesight! Only people with perfect vision can see me! You’ve won! Call this number 0808 172 0072 and quote code: FX46Z to collect

Oh hang on, I have a call…

“Hello! Why yes, you are a winner. We will send someone to pick you up, so you can collect your prize, you just need to confirm the code… Brilliant, we will send someone over now. Where are you?”

And just like that, we find our man. Someone is going to be very grateful for those eyes.

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