I woke up, my head pounding, looking up at the early morning sky. Getting my bearings, I sat up.

I was in my front garden. I shivered holding my drenched nightgown closed.

Standing, I walked to the front door; trying the handle, it was locked.

I trotted around the side of the house to the sliding doors; locked too.

I sighed and slumped down the floor, the sudden exhaustion making my head thump harder.

Looking up, I saw the kitchen window ajar. Being careful not to fall, I climbed on top of the trashcan and slowly made my way into the house.

Entering the living room, I noticed the furniture had been rearranged, I couldn’t remember my parents telling me they were going to do this. I led down on the couch and fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of keys turning a lock. I shot upright and stared at the door.

A woman walked in, my mother, except years older. I see her recognise my face and scream.

“Mum? Why are you screaming?”

It’s been forty minutes since my mother left the house and I’m scared.

I look through the letter box and see my mother and father in the distant, she cries and he hugs.

Two men in white walk with purpose towards the house. I step back from the door and watch as the handle turns.

The door opens.

“Hey Greg, we just want to take you back home.”

“This is my home!”

“It was, a long time ago. Come on buddy, we need to get you back to the hospital.”

“What hospital, MUM?” I shout confused.

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