The first thing I remember when I woke was the searing pain in my jaw. Next was my unfamiliar environment. Slumped up against a wall, I took my time to scan the surroundings.

It was a large-ish room, bare brick walls surrounded me, except for the one on my right, which framed a glass window; in the dim light, it was impossible to see through.

Gingerly, I got to my feet. In the corner, I saw a toilet, opposite to that a sink. In the middle of the room was a table and chair. On the table was a meal; some meat, potatoes and veg.

Coming back to reality I began to panic. A trail of red splatters ran to the metal door on the furthest wall. I assumed it was my blood and approached the door quickly. The heavy door barely moved in my hands. I slid to the floor and began to cry.

I awoke later to a bright light, I could see through the glass window. There was an apartment on the other side, the furniture looked expensive. From the faint skyline, I appeared to be high up.

I banged on the window, shouting for help, but the empty room in front of me remained silent.

“Hey!” I shouted when I saw a smartly dressed man enter the apartment, “Hey!”

He ignored me.

Another man entered, then another. The original man pointed at me and spoke, I couldn’t make out his words.

I slammed my arms into the glass, “Please let me out,” I cried.

I peered through the glass again and saw the men laugh, as others joined in.

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