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Fighting for air, he tries to make his way to shore…

Blood Stains

Blood stains haunt our protagonist…

Room Mate

A room mate’s passion for revenge is insatiable

Remote Access

Remote access to a PC is a blessing for most, but for some, can be a nightmare…

Drinking Games

Six friends celebrate an eighteenth birthday party. All is going well, until a drinking game goes wrong.

I’ll Make Him Pay!

Arnold Hinsky is released from prison on a technicality, someone doesn’t like this and wants to make him pay!

Seven Years Today

Partners celebrating their seven year anniversary…

Please, Just Come Home Now?

A distraught mother calls to ask for her son to come home from University, something awful has happened to his father.

Super Dank

Jake’s all out of weed, he settles for what he can get on a Friday night and a glimpse of a dimension not far from our own takes over.


A new employee for a popular video streaming website is driven to the edge of sanity by the videos he’s required to vet. Befriended by Jason, he’s pulled deeper into the world of the moderator.


Everyone has a secret they are desperate to hide from the world. Some may seem trivial, unnecessary even. There are countless tales of childhood embarrassments long forgotten by all but one.

It’s My House

Jeremy and his family move into their dream home, a strange chamber holds long lost secrets that become unearthed. An evil descends on the house, no one is safe.

What They Deserve

Newspaper ads provide a welcome outlet for some and an opportunity to enact vengeance for others.