Would You Like to Take Our Photo?

I splashed water on my face and looked into the mirror. My gaze immediately met by the woman standing next to me. I forced a smile, like I always did; she stared through me. Her dark hair as wet as the day we met at the Grand Canyon.

We left for Central Park as we had done for the last two weeks since returning from Arizona.

I watched people passed us, waiting for someone helpful.

“Would you take our photo?” I asked a passerby.

The woman peered at me with a grimace as if I was insane to ask such a question.

Soon, a man and woman, obviously tourists approached.

“Hey! You two look like you are having fun,” I suggested.

“Yes we are sir! It’s our first time in New York!”

*That’s good,” I said starting with small talk.

“Hey, would you be an awesome fella and take our photo?” I asked in the most upbeat tone I could muster.

“Sure, I guess,” the man said confused.

He took the camera from me and began to focus, “Oh! Sorry fella, I didn’t see your woman there,” he continued, his wife looking at him confused.

I smiled and put my arm out and pulled it towards me as if bringing someone closer to me.

“Say cheese,” he said.


The camera clicked and I fell to my knees.

“Are you okay son,” the man asked running towards me.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I responded, running away.

“Hey! Sir! Your camera!” he shouted after me.

I continued to run.

In my apartment I splashed water on my face and looked at my reflection.

Just me.

I smiled.

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