A Note in Class

When my grandmother died, it was peaceful. She went in her sleep, in the bedroom next to mine. It freaked me out at first to think I had been sleeping so close to a dead body.

I was the only grandson, grandchild in fact, in the family, she was my only grandparent. She lived with us at my parent’s house. She was getting frail but it was still a shock.

As I stood for the school that morning, I remembered my grandma over my shoulder, resting her hand there, waiting to see me off.

Hey Scott, she used to say, “When God closes a door, he opens a window, never give up my little starbuck.”

When I sat down for Maths, I couldn’t concentrate. I gazed at the teacher, his voice leaving his mouth a set of muffled tones. My lips quivered and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I smiled and thought of grandma. The hand tapped me a few more times until I jumped out of my daze and turned.

It was Stacey and my heart raced. She handed me a note with a smile, which I snatched. I turned back, my face beaming.

He opens a window, I thought.

My hands jittered as I pealed back the paper.

Hi Scott, can you ask the lady standing behind you to move as I cannot see the blackboard. xx”

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