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My latest girlfriend wants me to asphyxiate her, a fetish I don’t find appealing. Now, don’t take latest to mean that I’m some sort of man-whore, I’m not. I’m just having trouble finding the right woman. Read more »

Why the Leaves Fall

I sat, with my arms crossed, in the ice cold cabin, trying not to shiver, trying to stay brave for my son. I could see his breath freeze as it left his mouth, but I could not see his face, he hung his head. Read more »

Do I Regret Anything?

I contemplate my life as I lay in the hospital bed. I know these are my last days.

*Do I regret anything?*


I was bodyguard to the president before his impeachment, after that an enforcer for the mob. I guess, that is what I am most known for, and maybe that is what I regret.

“How do you feel today?” the man asked as he closed the door behind him.

I do not recognise him, he clothes are not that of a doctor’s.

“As best Read more »


In the darkened room I approached the curtains, seeing the flashing lights strobe the walls. An ambulance, followed by three patrol cars neared the house. Read more »

Message Recieved

“You’re going to die tonight!”

That is a text message you can take several different ways. You can panic, especially if it was from an unknown number. You can scoff at it. Or you can ignore it. Read more »


I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I’m not a germaphobe or a checker, I just really hate odd numbers. It’s hard to explain, I just don’t feel right and I have to rectify it. I see one shoe on the floor, I have to find the other before the anxiety becomes unbearable. I buy food in pairs. I have two cars, even though I only use one. Read more »

New Guy At Work

We have this new guy at work. He’s not said a word to anyone outside the meetings he has with his boss. He’s a web developer. He’s given a specification document, dons his headphones and just taps away. Read more »


I looked at the face staring back at me in the mirror and sighed. Its leathery skin made me look old. The holes for eyes appeared like they were cut by a maniac; no that will not do at all. Read more »

Please Forgive Me: An Act of Charity

I’m a people watcher; a hobby that lends itself to a barista such as me. The coffee shop I run looks out on main street, a typical urban carriageway; large glass windows frame the human traffic passing. It was from here that I watched a daily ritual performed by a regular customer, just a sweet bit of charity, but now I wish I hadn’t. Read more »

Heavy Rain

When the rains came, they didn’t yield for weeks. Gallons of water fell, turning the roads into rivers and basements into tanks. I watched from the top of the stairs into the dark room beneath the house, hearing the water rush in, destroying everything we’d kept down there. Read more »