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Darkly Dreaming

The woman opens her eyes in a daze. She slowly takes in the dimly lit environment. At first she does not panic, but she does when she realises her hands and body are constricted, held to the cold surface she lies on by multiple layers of plastic wrap. Read more »


I’ve been blind since birth. I know it’s a cliche when they say blind people can see things the seeing cannot, but it’s true. When you are unfettered with the blessing of sight the other senses are heightened. I can *see* our house in my mind using touch, sound and smell. Read more »


My latest girlfriend wants me to asphyxiate her, a fetish I don’t find appealing. Now, don’t take latest to mean that I’m some sort of man-whore, I’m not. I’m just having trouble finding the right woman. Read more »

Do I Regret Anything?

I contemplate my life as I lay in the hospital bed. I know these are my last days.

*Do I regret anything?*


I was bodyguard to the president before his impeachment, after that an enforcer for the mob. I guess, that is what I am most known for, and maybe that is what I regret.

“How do you feel today?” the man asked as he closed the door behind him.

I do not recognise him, he clothes are not that of a doctor’s.

“As best Read more »


I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I’m not a germaphobe or a checker, I just really hate odd numbers. It’s hard to explain, I just don’t feel right and I have to rectify it. I see one shoe on the floor, I have to find the other before the anxiety becomes unbearable. I buy food in pairs. I have two cars, even though I only use one. Read more »