My Father Punished Me When I Talked To Ghosts – Audio Drama

Today marks the day for the premier of the Audio Drama – My Father Punished Me When I Talked To Ghosts – by Harpy Productions.


You can listen to the audio drama at the following websites:


About the Project

I wrote the story originally for the nosleep subreddit group, and was asked by the editor of if it could be posted there. I agreed and was very lucky for it to become one of the top posts on the website.

Harpy Productions adapted the story initially with the intention of it being performed on stage, but due to COVID-19, the production team decided to embrace the audible nature of the piece and instead adapted the story into an Audio Drama.

All the rehearsals and recording sessions have been done in accordance with social distancing and lock-down guidelines, and the result is a vibrant production that overcomes limitations of distance and isolation.

The Story

The play tells the story of a blind boy named Sean, who lives alone with his strict, but loving father. Their home, located remotely in the forest, stands a short walk from what they call ‘The Edges’ – a tear in the fabric of reality where the dead can slip back into the world of the living.

This strange coming-of-age story explores themes of disability, abuse, and the power of friendship and human kindness to overcome them both.

The Cast

Adult Sean – Harry Ryan
Young Sean – Edina Hadley
Father – Angus Easener
Ellie & Laura – Shady Murphy
Alex and The Neighbour – Helana Muir
Sara and Kim – Penny Ashmore

The Crew

Written and Directed by Noga Flaishon

An actor, writer, singer and Dungeon Master, Noga classifies herself as a storyteller.

She began writing plays at the age of 16 and hasn’t stopped since. She moved to the UK from Israel to train in the ‘Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’, where she graduated in 2017.

Noga’s writing is influenced by New Wave Sci-fi, modern horror cinema and some very dark humour she inherited from her family.

Script Editing and Social Media Management by Katie Pratten

Katie trained as an Assistant Producer with ‘Pixeleyed Pictures’, an independent production company made up of filmmakers from Pinewood Studios and focused on nurturing new talent.

Originally an aspiring novelist, Katie moved onto writing screenplays and her debut feature horror film is currently scheduled for release in 2021.

Her main influences in the world of film include Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott and Jordan Peele.

Audio Editing by Kaleb Lindevaldsen

Kaleb is a Junior at Liberty University and is studying Digital Media with a concentration in audio. He also regularly serves as Master Electrician and Light Board Programmer for regional theater companies. Kaleb is the lead editor for Season 3 of the ‘Encounter’ Series and is thankful for the opportunity to work directly with Professors Gerstner and Nelson as he edited, mixed and designed Season 3.

Blindness Consultation by Joe Strechay

Joe is a professional consultant for disability employment, as well as movies and TV shows that concern the visually impaired. His notable works include ‘See’ (Apple TV+, 2019) with Jason Mamoa, The OA (Netflix, 2016) and Daredevil (Netflix, 2015) with Charlie Cox. He is also the Program Manager for the ‘American Foundation for the Blind’s CareerConnect’.

His support and insight has been invaluable for the writing process of “My Father Punished Me When I Talked To Ghosts”, where he has made suggestions for tweaks to the script when he had ideas of how things could be portrayed more accurately to the experience of the blind.

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