Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Kickstarter

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is a popular horror-themed audio storytelling series and YouTube channel produced by Chilling Entertainment, created in late 2012 by lifelong scary stories fanatic Craig Groshek, and produced by a multinational team of independent authors, sound designers, composers, illustrators and voice over artists. The series is known for its immersive high-quality… Read more »

Hitchin’ a Ride to Nowhere

I was nervous when a car finally stopped. I opened the back door and sat down.

“Oi mate, I’m not your chauffeur, get in the front seat,” the man said.

Reluctantly, I got out and repositioned myself in the passenger seat. It didn’t ruin my plans, but made it much more difficult. The man pulled away, one hand on the steering wheel and one in his lap, which he left as if his arm was lame. Read more »

Schrödinger’s Patient

I became an EMT to help people. I was never great with anything intellectual, but something about the adrenaline running through my veins switches my head into a different mode, it’s like I’m on autopilot, an out of body experience. I flew through my basic training, only five weeks before I was out on call. I was shocked at how little time it took them to get me out there. But to be honest, there’s a large need for EMTs in our state, it’s not a job people stay in for long. Read more »


I look at the photo, it’s something very innocuous, it’s of a bed, the sheets are pulled taught over the mattress, the room is clean and tidy, a picture of a perfect bedroom. The thing that concerns is my wife sits on the edge of the bed, her head in her hands, she’s crying. Read more »

Psst… Can I Tell You Something?

Thanks for clicking, I really appreciate it.

It’s funny, really. We lock our cars and houses. The sensible among us use anti-virus software on our computers. We wouldn’t dream of allowing a stranger into our homes, unless they are from the electricity company or something similar. Read more »

My Evil Twin Brother

An out of body experience is defined as a sensation of being outside one’s body, typically of floating and being able to observe oneself from a distance. This is the best way I can describe the feeling I had when my brother misbehaved. As if I was in obscurity, unattached to the world, an observer, unable to help him. Read more »

Darren Got Lost

The cave grew dark almost as quickly as the temperature dropped. Darren turned on the flashlight and lit up the jagged sandstone walls that stretched out of sight of the torch. He’d been here before, but this was the first time on his own. In caves, you have a tendency to lose where you are. Anxious isn’t the right word, but when you turn around and it is just as dark and unfamiliar as where you came from, you wish you weren’t so scared. Read more »


They chose the dungeon of all places to set up the Ouija board. It sat on a large stone table that had once housed a rack, used for stretching prisoners to get them to confess. Sometimes, just to torture them.

The room was lit with candles, all prepared by the medium to make the place look imposing. Read more »

My Summer Job at the Cemetery

I mowed the grass the caretaker told me to, removed the dead flowers that were scattered on many sites, and picked up the trash and other detritus left by mourners.

He was satisfied with the work I’d done in the morning and we walked together between the tomb stones.

“Do you have any scary stories?” I asked. Read more »

My Dad’s Halloween Story

Halloween is over, however, I thought I’d relay this story, a story my Dad told me. He retold the story many times over the years, each time a little different to the time before, as with any tale. He stopped telling me the story when I became a teenager. That is a long time ago, just thinking about it makes me feel old. Don’t think for a second, I believed it. Well, not until tonight anyway. Read more »

My Secret in the Woods

I never thought I’d be going back to my holiday cabin. It had been three years since I boarded it up and left for good. But today, the police visited me. They didn’t seem to suspect me, but I could tell, my days were numbered; I needed to make sure there was no evidence. Read more »

The Box

I was eighteen when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. The disease took him quickly, but on his deathbed he asked everyone to leave and with all his energy he sat up in bed.

“Son, life will throw you curve balls and sometimes you’ll feel you don’t know what to do, but there is always hope. Open the drawer over there,” he said, gesturing to the cabinet next to the bed. Read more »

An Abuse of Power

I put the tray on the table and sat. I’d arrived quite late, the cafeteria had already started to empty. I shovelled bland food into my mouth feeling a little let down that this was going to be what I’d be eating for the next four years.

Looking up, my gaze caught that of a blond girl on the table next to mine. She smiled awkwardly, which fluttered the butterflies that suddenly occupied my stomach. A cold sweat gathered and I averted my gaze.

Read more »

Run Girl Run

The screams for help were so loud, I could hear them through the walls of the house. I ran to the front door, picked up my shotgun and peeked around the door. The barely clothed woman ran along the dirt road in a panic. The metal manacles that adorned her wrists and neck glinted from the midday sun.

“Over here,” I shouted, waving at her.

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