I am NOT Scared

Everything is fine. Head its cocked it.

I know you can read this. Writing I’m what understand to trying it’s. Me help please.

You don’t scare me. Am I anxious how see can it. Time its biding be may it although, it fooled I’ve think I.

Only as much as I will let you. Have I time much how know don’t I. Face my from sweat the licks it as tongue cold its and, neck my on breath warm its feel can I.

I loved my mother. Again head its cocked it; word that used have shouldn’t I. Everyone to warning a is This.

I loved my brother. Fear on feeds it. Careful more be to need I. Tighter shoulders my pressing it’s.

I love you. Click it hear can I, laughing it hear can I think I, shit. Screamed mother when, delight with howled it.

Is that what you’re missing, love? Wore it skin his was it – right half was she, brother my was it thought mother.

You scared mother. Accident an in been he’d thought she. Her at groaned and, house the to staggered he.

I won’t forget that. Injured severely or drunk if as, elongated and warped voice his, said he, “in me let.”

But I will forgive you. Asked I, “that who’s?”

Everyone deserves forgiveness. Said mother, “hurt he’s think I, Jason it’s.”

Were you human once? Voice his recognize didn’t I, wrong was something knew I.

I can see you in the computer screen. Hand his of end the on placed glove rubber a like looked fingers his, hand his offered and slurred he, “friend.”

Look, I’m staring at you right now. Frame the against crunched arm his. Door the shut to tried I. Her warn to time have didn’t I.

Yes, that’s right, I saw you move your head. Mother to over rushed and coat a like skin brother’s my shed it. For looking was it what was this if as was it. Shrieked mother.

Why don’t you let me go? Ravenous more it made only noise her. Tears mother’s my on gorged it. Directly it on focus couldn’t I. Shape its out make couldn’t I.

I’m only going to give you a little fear. Tumbling me sent and fly a like off me batted it. Mother help to tried I.

Think of it as a compromise. Sheep a or goat a of that like, skull a head Its. Form its out make could I, eye my of corner the out, floor the from.

No one’s cared about you before, have they? Floor the on helpless lay I and. Face mother’s onto held hooves.

I do, I see what you are and accept you. Up me picked and me to over way its made then it. Husk bored-out a, dropped she when mess shriveled a was mother.

Please don’t take too much of me. Listening if as, chest my to hoof its held it. Flutter heart my feel could I. Tears my licked gently it.

Thank you, you do understand. Relented grip its and, myself calmed I. Close up face its see couldn’t I glad was I.

The room is starting to spin. “On going what’s?” Upstairs from call sister my heard I, “Mom?”

You should really go next door. Her after went and me in interest lost it.

They’ll be much more conducive. “Down come don’t and upstairs stay, Sally!” shouted I.

My vision’s failing. Lick to began it and, out fear the let I. Me to returned and head its cocked it. Screamed I then.

I’m not feeling too well. Do to what know and understand you’ll know I. Laptop the to over it drawn I’ve.

I think I am dying. Am I it tell please. Dead play and table the on head my rest to going am I, this post I after.

Remember, I forgive you. Flee to time enough us give that’ll. House neighbour’s the to gone and left has sister my it tell please.

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