“Ah, Ms Parsons, is it?” the man in the suit asked as he referred to his notes.

“Yes, sir,” I responded, sitting in the chair on the other side of the desk.

“Did I say you could sit?”

“Uh, I’m sorry,” I said standing back up.

“Haha, I’m just joking, sit down, sit down.”

I smiled as I sat again.

“So, what was it about the job that interested you?” he asked, leaning back in his chair, crossing his legs.

“The advert said it was a challenging job that required someone who was quick to learn and can deal with stress,” I said.

“Well that is what we are looking for. What experience do you have to bring to the table?”

“I’ve been a team leader at a grocery store for five years. I’ve been in charge of, without being insensitive, immature employees who I’ve needed to motivate to do their jobs. I am also a black belt in Taekwondo and very proficient in self defense.”

“Your martial arts experience did interest us. How do you think that could help in the job?”

“I’ve learnt discipline, how to use my body, how to focus my mind.”

“I think I’ve heard enough, what do you guys think?” the man said, looking at the mirror behind him.

“Does anyone know you’ve applied for this job?”

“No, it’s a surprise for my husband. If I got this job, he won’t need to work anymore.”

“Now that is a nice thing to do. He must be a very lucky man. You’ve got the job, congratulations!”

I blushed.

“It’s been great to get to know you, talk to the receptionist on the way out, she will tell you what we’ll need next.”

“Thank you very much sir,” I said beaming.

“Call me Kevin.”

“Thank you, Kevin.”

I exited the room through the door he ushered me to. As the door slammed shut behind me, what light bled into the room disappeared.

“Hello? It’s dark, I cannot see anything.”

One after another, large spot lights clunked into action, lighting up the faces of hundreds of people filling the balconies above me.

“Ladies and Gentleman, we have another contender! Ms Alison Parsons from Taunton, Somerset! Let’s give her a big round of applause!” said the announcer.
The sound of clapping filled the arena, I turned and impotently grasped at the door.

“Place your votes now!”

“HELP! PLEASE!” I shouted to the sound of the crowd laughing.

“The votes are in… Tonight Ms Parsons, you will face… The tiger! Let the games begin!”

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