Where am I?

I came to; I took a moment to get my bearings. Where am I? I opened my eyes and scanned the candlelit room that surrounded me. It appeared to be a basement. When I saw the teenage faces peering back at me, their mouths agape, I knew what was going on.

As the ritual said, I stood still and awaited for the commands.

“It worked! Holy shit!” said the brown haired kid holding the leather-bound tome.

“What do we do now?” another one of brats asked.

“I don’t know, get him to do something? Where’s your dog?”

“No man! You can’t do anything to my dog!”

“Come on, it’s a demon, he’ll be able to create another.”

“Please don’t!” the kid cried as the others manhandled the dog, placing it on the point of the pentagram that helped summon me.

“Baphomet, kill it!” they chanted.

It was an odd feeling at first. The compulsion to obey wasn’t there. That’s when I saw the break in the salt ring that surrounded me, smudged when the whining dog was pushed through it. Oh dear, oh dear. Someone is going to have some fun tonight…

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