Rock Bottom

I took the drugs to allow me to escape the depressing life I made for myself. A combination of bad decisions and lack of a father figure brought me here.

I resorted to prostitution. I had a kid; a stupid decision I thought would change everything. I was a junky and he was taken from me.

When I was at rock bottom I met Jeff; he turned my life around. I have my baby back. I no longer sell my body. Jeff buys me nice clothes; I can finally cover the track marks and bruises. He says he’ll support me through thick and thin. He takes care of little Shawn.

I’ve been trying to stay off the drugs. Jeff understands it is hard for me. But the shakes, the sweats, the anxiety and depression are sometimes too much.

My whole body relaxes when the opiates flow through my veins. My pupils dilate and glass over. I feel numb, happy, like I can take on the world.

I hear Jeff come home with my little buddy. I smile and make my way downstairs. I enter the kitchen and pick up the bag of oranges out of the basket on the sideboard and push them into the blender. I switch it on and hold the lid shut.

I hear Jeff shouting.

He pushes his way in front of me.

I fall to the floor.

I see blood run down the counter from the blender.

I hear Jeff begin to cry.

Feeling sleepy and dazed I ask, “What’s wrong honey?”

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