I’m Echo, I’m a psychic and I want to die. The voices are always in my head, people’s thoughts laid bare for me to see. The disgusting things they think towards their fellow man, the plans they make, but rarely follow through with; the paedos are the worst, their thoughts are barely human.

But the worst of all? The thoughts of my wife, she doesn’t even suspect I’d know. The fact I’m distant and awkward around her should cause her some concern. But she is so smitten that I’m invisible to her. How would I know she’s fucking my dad? They’ve kept it so quiet and ‘on the down-low.’ She wants me dead, I hear her thoughts every night in bed; they’ve already planned it.

I hear them now entering the house, trying to keep the quiet, but their thoughts are as loud as the shotgun they are going to use to blow my head off when they reach my room; I’m okay with that. At least the voices will stop.

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