One Last Visit

When I met my husband, Stuart, he lavished me with jewellery and attention. He was strong, but gentle, he treated me like a princess.

When we heard the news that he was promoted to Director of the company, we celebrated, and had a child, Simon; the light of my life.

But the stress of work weighed him down. An audit showed discrepancies in the company accounts. He was chosen to take the fall. The alcohol he consumed when he lost his job, but it also changed him.

I don’t know what happened, the last thing I remember was being backed into the corner of the kitchen and thrusting the blade into his stomach.

He lost a lot of blood and fell into a coma. The doctors said it would take a miracle for him to survive.

Eric, soothed me, like he did in work. So different from my husband, so caring. He said no matter what, he’d be there for me.

When I heard the knock on my door, the blood drained from my face as I saw Stuart standing there.

“Where’s my son?” he demanded.

“No!” I responded, “You cannot see him!”

I felt helpless as he glided past me and up the stairs.

“Honey, what’s all the commotion?” Eric asked, confused, seeing me crying at the door.

We ran to the landing to see my ex-husband lean over my son’s cot.

“What’s wrong?” Eric queried.

My heart sank as I watched Stuart’s face contort with sadness, watching his son sleep.

“Nothing,” I said, as the figure of my ex-husband faded away, “Everything’s okay, everything will be fine.”

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