As he lay on the wet grass, he woke up confused. Getting his bearings, he rose to his feet. He sweated, he looked nervous; In a panicked state he ran.

He pushed himself through the crowds that lined the main streets, turning left and right, appearing guided, knowing where his destination was.

Built up areas turned to rural towns as he slowed, appearing lost, he stopped.

*Everyone looked on, intrigued as to what was unfolding in front of them.*

He turned and ran, his sense of direction on target again. His feet barely kept up with his body, almost falling over himself, determined to reach his goal.

He slowed as he reached the field, leaving civilization behind.

In the middle of the farmland, he stopped. His chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath. He fell to his knees.

*Everyone looked on.*

Hurriedly, he groped at the ground, pulling lumps of grass and mud out that flew behind him in a stream of dirt. His breathing slowed as he saw the freshly buried arm became visible. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he collapsed.

The lawyer turned away from the monitor, his gaze landed on the man covered in wires and sensors, then to the jury, “As you can see, he know’s where the body was buried.”

He looked back at the man, still comatose in his government sanctioned *recall*.

“You have no chose but to find the defendant guilty,” he continued, adjusting his tie, before taking his seat.”

The monitor went black, police held the man as woke.

“I’m innocent! I didn’t do it!! I was told she was there! She was my sister for Christ’s sake!” he announced, struggling against the men holding him down.

“Have you reached a verdict?” the Judge asked.

“We find the defendant guilty of first degree murder.”

The man looked up at himself on the monitor and went limp, tears rolled down his cheeks.

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