I couldn’t believe how fat I’d become. Looking in the mirror, I’d see a monster staring back at me; kankles for fuck sake!

I’d force myself to be sick, sometimes it came involuntary and that made me happy, saved me from the indignity of shoving my fingers down my throat until the gagging started.

Two months ago I promised myself I’d lose weight, back to the size 10s my husband loved so dearly. Nausea was my friend for that time and I welcomed it with both arms.

Five weeks ago I stepped on the scales, I had lost 20 pounds! Wow, twenty pounds in only one month! I told my husband, but the bastard looked at me like I was crazy! He just doesn’t understand.

Today, this was unreal! My hands looked almost skeletal, just like they were before I put on the weight. I’d lost so much weight in the previous weeks, and today just topped it! My husband cried, what a shit! I weighed the same as I had when we first met.

“Look at me! Dont I look great?” I asked, striking a pose to show off my better right side.

He ignored me and held his head in his hands.

“Look at me!” I demanded.

I smiled as I saw my reflection in the full length mirror.

“Malnutrition! Sally, the doctor said she died of malnutrition. This is your fault!”

That was the last thing he said before slamming the door behind him. I held the frills of my dress and swayed in front of the mirror. I did look good.

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