DayZ: Encounter in Green House

This has just happened, I want to get this down as quick as possible, while it is fresh in my mind. If you do not know what DayZ is, then check out this link:

Around half an hour ago, I logged into the game; it was pitch black. I usually prefer to play in the daytime, but there is that little rush you get when running around at night, not knowing what’s out there.

I took out my flashlight and tried to get my bearings. I scanned the vicinity, seeing tree after tree reflected back at me in the torch light; I was in a forest. I ran down the hill and into an opening.

I shone the light on a building, the unmistakable green house. I saw that the door was shut. There was never any loot in that house, but it had been a while since I played, who knows what the latest patch had done.

Checking the floor and under the table I found nothing. As I got back to my feet, I heard the moans of a zombie approach. Shining the light to the wall, I watched as the rotting corpse materialised through it. That is one of the most disturbing bugs in the game, gets me every time. Giving it the run around, punching it in the head, in almost complete darkness, it fell to the floor. I could feel my heart beating hard in my chest, I took out a bandage to stop the bleeding.

That’s when I heard her for the first time over the in game voice.

“Help, is there anybody there?” the young woman said, clearly in tears.

“Are you friendly?” I responded.

But there was just silence.

I ascended the stairs slowly, keeping my fists out, just in case; not that it would protect me from an armed foe.

“Help! Please help me, I’m handcuffed. He’ll be back soon,” she sounded so desperate. I know the game can be a little bit like Deliverance, but it is just a game after all.

“Okay, not a problem, I’m just making my way up the stairs.”

At the top, I saw a man, suited and booted, fully armed, facing away from me, staring at the wall.

Mother fucker! The bastard set me up.

But he just stood there, idling.

“Hello? Are you the guy wearing the hat on the top floor of this building?”

Again, silence.

I crept into the room and made my way to the corner.

“Identify if you’re friendly, I don’t see any cuffs.”

The man was a statue, I wondered if he’d logged out and his character was still spawned on the server.

Then, without any notice, the player twitched from side to side as if someone had picked up the mouse. He saw me and armed his axe. With a quick sprint and one crack to the head, the screen went black. The small white words in the middle of the screen announced, “You are dead.”

I took a deep breath and cursed myself for being so stupid and naive. Then a voice crackled in again, but this time it was a man.

“Fucking bitch, what were you doing on my computer?”

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