Completing the Puzzle

I fingered the last piece of the puzzle in my hand that completed the picture, finished the jigsaw.

On the table, a gun, registered to a James Allen, covered in his finger prints and no one else’s.

Next to it, a witness statement by a prostitute that James frequented; not great evidence, anecdotal at best, but contributed to the whole.

James’ credit card, used a block away from the scene of the crime, merely minutes after the bludgeoning took place; a maximum withdrawal.

A cup, spoiled with his DNA, found at the scene of the crime.

The Romans had this idea of a “half-truth”, something used as evidence that was between suspicion and full proof that someone was guilty of a crime. We think we are more sophisticated now. But a gun, witness statement, credit card records and DNA will be enough to convict him. Four “half-truths” that will be converted into a guilty verdict.

Just this last piece of the puzzle that I hold in my hand, a signed cheque, showing he’d been at least twenty miles away at the time the crime was committed.

They say you shouldn’t hold grudges, they say they are bad for you. Waiting for revenge can be a killer, but when you have the opportunity, you should take it.

I slipped the cheque into my mouth and began to chew; I never thought paper could taste so sweet.

Good night, James Allen, I guess it is me who will have the final laugh.

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