Cold Reading

I sat in the theatre as a skeptic as The Great Georgio pointed at me.

“Stand up,” He said, beckoning me with his hand.

I stood.

“You’re in IT, yes?”
I nodded and the room laughed.

“You had a dog, what was its name… Rip? Because it tore furniture?”

I smile burst on my face and the room erupted.

“And you are going to die tonight.”

The room fell silent. I looked around at the stunned faces of the crowd.

“I’m so sorry, sometimes the visions come to me and I speak before I think,” he said, “I’m so sorry, is it Jason?”

I nodded again and the crowd burst in applause.

I sat down slowly.

When the show ended, I walked around to the stage door. I waited behind the girls, obviously in love with the man with the Spanish twang.

Twenty minutes later he emerged and began signing autographs, taking photos with his fans. I waited until they left to approach him.

He saw me waiting and waved me over.

“Jason, is that right?” He said with a squint.

“I’m worried about what you said,” I responded.

“Come with me,” He said putting an arm on my shoulder and he led me along the alleyway behind the theatre.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret. You know what I do is cold reading? Well, some things are easy, like your profession, you look like a geek.” He laughed.

“Some things are harder, and I won’t give them away. Others are just self fulfilling prophecies.”

I gasped as the knife slid into my stomach.

“I hope you enjoyed the show, Jason.”

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