An Unwanted Haunting

I’d taken fifty photos in all, and the apparition appeared in all of them. Anxiety filled me; looking at the images uploaded to my PC, it scared me.

The phone rang, “Hello?”

“Hey Darren, do you have the photos?” the woman on the phone asked.

“Yeah, just give me a minute, I need to edit them. I want them to be perfect.”

“Well, don’t change them too much. You know how people feel about photoshopped images. They’ll know if you aren’t honest. ”

I hung up and loaded my image editing software. For hours I tried to crop and edit, making the images as good as I could. I needed them to be right. People had to believe they were real, my career depended on it.

I redialed and waited for an answer, “Hey, they’re ready, I’ve emailed you.”

I waited as my boss checked them over.

“Brilliant, this is exactly what we need. You are going to make the client very happy. ”

I slouched down in my chair and took a big sip of the single malt whiskey I held in my left hand.

Morning came and the phone rang again.

“Darren, the estate agent just sent me the listing. You did a great job, no one will have a clue the place is haunted. I may finally sell it. Thank you so much, I owe you one.”

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