An Anonymous Confession

Two years ago, to the day, I was on a school trip to the Grand Canyon. I can remember it as clear as yesterday. Standing at the edge of that red wound carved into the Earth by ice floes millions of years ago, it cleared my mind; such magnificence, such beauty, my hand on the back of my best friend. I’d had these thoughts before but I never thought I’d follow through.

I listened to her screams, instantly muted and lost within the gaping chasm below. I was crying so hard by the time the teachers came over to find out what happened, they didn’t even suspect me.

Now, two years on, I stand atop a famous skyscraper, I have found my mark, I don’t know this one, they’re a stranger, they’ve all been since the first. I want to enjoy these last few minutes of anticipation. I guess this is not so much a confession after all, I just wanted you to know, and know I’ll do it again.

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