A Party of Five

A fire raged, warming the small cabin.

The man behind the counter smiled and picked up the ID. He looked the man up and down, checking his credentials.

“Sorry, today we are closed for a group party,” he said, handing back the card to the man in the hunting gear.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he responded irate, “Is that the party?” He pointed to the well dressed men who sat along the far wall.

The man behind the counter nodded.

“You think that because you have all the money in the world it makes you good hunters. Pftt!” the man said mocking the men.

“You know, if you pander to these types, you’ll lose us, the real men who hunt for a living and not for some pompous sport.”

The man thundered through the door and slammed it behind him.

“Sorry about him,” the man behind the counter said, “Come on up, one at a time, have your ID ready.”

The first man held up his card, his brand new fluorescent overall shone bright in the light of the cabin.

“Thank you,” the man behind the counter said, taking the man’s ID.

One by one the well dressed men checked in and exited the room at the back.

“Wait for your hunt master, he’ll give you your instructions.”

“When do we get our weapons?” one of the smartly dressed men asked.

“When you are ready for it,” the man behind the counter said with an authoritative tone.

He left, shaking his head.

The man in the corner stood up, his leathery face smiled, showing off his scars. He approached the desk and slammed down the large wad of cash onto the oak desk.

The man behind counter smiled, “Thank you. You know the rules. Give them a head start and all targets must be eliminated within 90 minutes before we send out the cavalry. Anyone who’s left, the clean up is added to your bill. Are we clear?”

The man smiled again and chambered a bullet, “Crystal.”

He left via the back door.

The man behind the counter threw the IDs into the fire and the front door opened.

“Sorry, we are closed today.”

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