TakeMeSomewhere: The Dawn of Teleportation

“We read about it in books and saw it in movies,” the Newscaster said into the camera, “One year ago today TakeMeSomewhere became the first company to bring the teleportation to the masses.”

“Overnight, its stock boomed. After the successful demonstration in which, TV legend, Patrick Stewart was transported from New York to London. He had this to say.”

“I boldly went where no man has gone before,” Sir Patrick said from his wheelchair.

“After the takeover by Microsoft, all looked good for the company. However, the Earth-wide installation project ran over budget; it meant corners were cut. CEO Shaun McCloud was found dead shortly after the warehouses, in the now deserted city of Detroit, were discovered.

“Whistleblower Ming Tau came forward revealing that, in trials, one in five thousand┬átransportations ended up in *disfigurement*.”

“Behind me,” the Newscaster turns and points, “This is where they teleported the disfigured, before they arrived at their intended destination. And like animals were executed, so that they could not share their story with their families, with you.

“Today the death toll stands in the hundreds of thousands. A website has been set up for the families of the missing. People are asked to take alternate methods of travel.

“I’m Dan Linebacker of Inside Story.”

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